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Title: Fig. 87. Interior of Cormac's chapel, Cashel

Title of artwork:
Fig. 87. Interior of Cormac's chapel, Cashel
Skelton, P
Paper (fiber material), Ink
Wood engraving
Swain, Joseph
Stokes, Margaret
Title of Publication:
Early Christian architecture in Ireland
George Bell and Son
Publication place:
Publication date:
Curator Comment:
Margaret Stokes’ Early Christian architecture in Ireland, (1878) contributed significantly to Irish visual cultural studies in 19th-century Ireland. Richly illustrated with engraved topographical views, ancient archaeological sites and details of architectural construction and decoration, the volume was a reflection of a burgeoning Irish cultural awareness which demanded informed, accessible textual and illustrated sources.
Note on artwork:
Cormac's Chapel, situated on the Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary, is one of the earliest, and finest, examples of Romanesque architecture on the island of Ireland. It was built on its commanding site as a Royal chapel by Cormac McCarthy, king of Munster between 1127 and 1134. In addition to the investigative visual studies of archaeological sites and buildings that dominant Stokes’ volume, single page artistic representations of key Irish landmarks are also included. This interior view of Cormac’s Chapel is presented in a rather atmospheric, romantic style, for example the artist employs a theatrical shaft of light to illuminate the eastern end of the church. A lone supplicant kneels in prayer in the shadows. Yet despite the evocative nature of the image, the artist has also carefully recorded the buildings rich architectural decoration.

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