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Title: Jonathan Swift DD Dean of St Patricks Dublin died 1745

Title of artwork:
Jonathan Swift DD Dean of St Patricks Dublin died 1745
Grey, Charles
Paper (fiber material), Ink
Etching, Lithograph
Kirkwood, John
McGlashan, James, printer
Title of Publication:
Portrait gallery of Irish celebrities of the past and present time
McGlashan and Gill
Publication place:
Publication date:
Curator Comment:
'The Dublin University Magazine' published in Dublin from 1833 to 1882, was modelled on English publications such as 'Fraser’s Magazine'. Founded as a pro-Tory political magazine by Trinity College graduates, increasingly its content focused on literary material, publishing the work Irish writers. Like its London counterpoint, the ‘Dublin University Magazine’ included portraits of leading political and cultural figures. The portraits were compiled and published separately as a series of volumes entitled 'Portrait gallery of Irish celebrities of the past and present time' from the1830s to the 1850s.
Note on artwork:
This collection of portraits, originally published in the 'Dublin University Magazine', included leading political and cultural figures in Britain and Ireland. The images were - somewhat naively - etched by John Kirkwood, H. Griffiths and H. Meyer after drawings by artists including Charles Grey and Frederic William Burton. This image is of Jonathan Swift (1667 – 1745), a celebrated writer, poet, political commentator and satirist, held the position of Dean of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral from 1713 until his death. Among his most notable writings are ‘Gulliver's Travels’, ‘A Modest Proposal’, and ‘Drapier’s Letters’, published in the 1720s. In this portrait, Swift is shown as a man of learning and position as he stands authoritatively in his clerical robes and wig, a mortarboard in hand.

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