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Drawn to the Page


Title: The Fraserians

Title of artwork:
The Fraserians
Maclise, Daniel
Paper (fiber material), Ink
Lithographic Reproduction
Photographic process
Bates, William
Title of Publication:
A gallery of illustrious literary characters
Chatto and Windus
Publication place:
Publication date:
Curator Comment:
This image, a group caricature entitled 'The Fraserians', is from a volume of 'A Gallery of Illustrious literary characters' (1873) that contains portraits and biographical sketches that were originally published in 'Fraser’s Magazine'. This publication was a general and literary Tory journal founded by Corkman, William McGinn and Hugh Fraser. McGinn edited the periodical until his death in 1842. Maclise, as a contributing illustrator (who submitted under the pseudonym of Alfred Croquis) was closely associated with the magazine and he was part of its social and intellectual circle after he arrived in London in 1827.
Note on artwork:
Daniel Maclise contributed 81 portrait drawings to 'Fraser's Magazine', some of them tinged with satire. Maclise’s precise, linear style of pen drawing was well suited to reproduction. In this well-known image, the principal contributors to the magazine are assembled, with William McGinn (the editor) standing, centre back, looking to the viewer. Others in the group are Hugh Fraser, directly opposite McGinn. Also present are Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas Carlyle, William Thackeray, Francis Sylvester Mahony and Thomas Crofton Croker. The image was first published in Fraser's Magazine, vol. XI, January 1835.
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