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Title: Boyd, William - Boylan, Bernard

Title of artwork:
Boyd, William - Boylan, Bernard
Clarke, Harry
Paper (fiber material), Ink
Photographic process
National Committee of the Irish National War Memorial
Title of Publication:
Ireland's memorial records 1914 - 1918 A - C Vol.I
Maunsel and Roberts Ltd.
Publication place:
Publication date:
Curator Comment:
Compiled by the Committee of the Irish National War Memorial, Ireland’s memorial records lists the names of 49,647 people killed in the First World War who were either serving with Irish regiments or who were Irish-born or Irish residents. The publication runs to eight large volumes of more than 3,200 pages in total. Produced by Maunsel and Roberts (Limited) in limited edition on heavy paper and illustrated with photo-engravings Clarke's designs, it is an exceptional example of Irish Arts and Crafts publishing.
Note on artwork:
Clarke’s decorative borders combine realistic front-line images of battle, in silhouetted form, with allegorical figures and symbolic objects of Irish and military relevance, representing an idiosyncratic synthesis of Art Deco and Irish Celtic revivalist styles. Here Clarke's elongated figures wait for, or engage in, fighting - the outline of a machine gun, (Vickers?) is included in striking detail. The margin reveals a slender allegorical female form dressed in a flowing, archaic costume and headdress. Among the florid arabesque-like designs are an Irish regimental badge and a soldier contemplating the cross marking the burial site of a fallen comrade.
Snoddy (2002) and DIB online

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