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O'Sullivan, Seán

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Biography: Seán (John) O'Sullivan (1906–1964), was born in Dublin. He began his art training at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art, where he was taught by George Atkinson (1880-1941) and Seán Keating (1889-1977). In 1925, O’Sullivan was awarded a government scholarship to study lithography at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London, where A.S. Hartrick (1864–1950), a leading exponent of the lithographic process as an art form, was one of his tutors. In 1926 and 1927 O’Sullivan exhibited examples of his lithographs at the Royal Hibernian Academy. In the 1930s, O’Sullivan was employed as an illustrator by a number of publications and periodicals including the popular Roman Catholic magazines 'The Father Mathew Record' and 'The Capuchin Annual' for which O’Sullivan designed the cover; both were published by the Capuchin order in Ireland. O’Sullivan, with other artists including Harry Kernoff (1900-1974) and Maurice McGonigal (1900-1979), contributed original designs to illustrate 'Saorstát Éireann: Irish Free State Official Handbook' (1932) edited by Bulmer Hobson (1883–1969). O’Sullivan also provided illustrations for the 1935 series of 'A Broadside' published by the Cuala Press.

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