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Drawn to the Page


Morrow, Norman

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Biography: Norman Macnamara Morrow (1879-1917) was a cartoonist and topical illustrator. Born in Belfast, one of seven brothers, four of his siblings, Albert (1863-1927), George (1869 -1955), Jack (1872-1926) and Edwin (1877-1952) were also illustrators and cartoonists. He received his art training at the Government School of Art, Belfast, and became a member of the Belfast Art Society. In Dublin Morrow exhibited at the Oireachtas Art exhibitions of 1907 and 1911. Like his brothers, he was involved with the Ulster Literary Theatre contributing to its journal 'Uladh: a literary & critical magazine' (1904-5), and to the nationalist magazine 'The Republic’, edited by Bulmer Hobson (1883-1969) . In London he worked as an illustrator for 'The Graphic' and made regular contributions to the weekly topical magazine 'The Bystander'.

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