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Drawn to the Page


Campbell, John Patrick (MacCathmhaoil, Seaghan)

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Biography: John Patrick Campbell (1883–1962), brother of Joseph Campbell (1879–1944), was born in Belfast. He received his art education at the Belfast School of Art and worked as an illustrator, cartoonist, actor and theatre designer. A number of his works were published under the Irish version of his name Seaghan MacCathmhaoil. He gained recognition for his series of illustrations of Irish myths and legends, among the most successful being his designs for Mary Hutton’s translation of 'The Táin' (1924). He also published illustrations for a number of periodicals including 'Uladh: a literary & critical magazine' (1904-5) which was edited by his brother and Bulmer Hobson (1883–1969), 'The Republic' (1907), edited by Bulmer Hobson, and 'The Shanachie: an Irish illustrated quarterly' (1906-1907). In 1910, he exhibited a number of works at the Royal Hibernian Academy, the Belfast Art Society and the Oireachtas Art Exhibition. Campbell travelled to the USA with the Ulster Literary Theatre in 1912, where he remained, setting up a studio in New York.

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